If you’ve found this website, I know you want the best for your pets. But separating good information from internet hype is a challenge for all of us. Natural Pets HQ is here to help.

Hi, I’m TB Thompson DVM. I’ve been a licensed, practicing small animal veterinarian for over 20 years. As the daughter of a 60’s-era hippy, I’ve always had an interest in health, nutrition and natural healing.

TB Thompson DVM

After graduating from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, I practiced straight-up conventional veterinary medicine. Like so many of my colleagues, I became frustrated that the biggest tools I had were basically surgery, steroids, and antibiotics. There were so many animals with chronic conditions that I couldn’t really help.

Somewhere around 2010, I decided to learn more about what people call holistic vet medicine. I spent hundreds of hours learning about Chinese herbs, acupuncture, food therapy and homeopathy. And there were a lot of people in my area who wanted a holistic approach to treating their pets’ illnesses.

After about five years of practicing “holistic” veterinary medicine, I found that it works well… Some of the time. Now I had a new frustration–people who refused to admit holistic treatments weren’t working well for their pets (and I was one of them for a time). Sometimes these folks shunned all conventional medicine even though it was proven effective.

I understand the distrust. Conventional medicine is too often used carelessly, forced upon humans and pets without giving them any other options. And if you listen too much to the extremists, you may just come out believing conventional medicine is evil and all doctors wish to harm you. That’s not helpful to your mental health or for getting your sick pet the help he needs.

Today, I believe there’s a place for holistic therapy and conventional medicine in treating pet disease. That’s what I try to represent here on this website. Options. Natural pet care–without the hype.

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